Based on The Wildlife Code of Missouri, our hunting regulations help keep Missouri's wildlife and habitat healthy. Annually updated regulations summaries appear at Department of Conservation offices and permit vendors and in PDF format on this page March 1.

Fishing Regulations

Know Missouri’s fishing regulations. This section includes the Do Not Harvest list, general fishing provisions, live bait, nongame species and sport fish regulations.

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Hunting Regulations

Missouri's hunting and trapping regulations can change without notice. Review this year's regulations before going afield.

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Mountain Lion Regulations

The Wildlife Code of Missouri provides for the taking of wildlife during prescribed hunting and trapping seasons and under other circumstances, such as when wildlife is causing damage to property or when it threatens the safety of humans, livestock or pets.

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Process for Adopting Regulations

Review the Regulations Committee's process for adopting regulations.

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Regulations Committee Agenda

Review the tentative agenda for the next Missouri Department of Conservation's Regulations Committee Meeting.

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Regulations and Permits Definitions

Knowing regulations and permits definitions helps you abide by the Wildlife Code of Missouri.

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Wildlife Code of Missouri

The Wildlife Code of Missouri is available online as part of the Code of State Regulations and is published by the Missouri Secretary of State. Printed versions are available at permit vendors statewide.

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Point System for Wildlife Code Violations

When you violate the Wildlife Code, the state assesses points against your hunting, trapping or fishing permits. You can lose your hunting, trapping and fishing privileges if you're assessed too many points.

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Proposed Regulation Changes

Review proposed regulations and proposed regulation changes and give us your comments.

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