Retirement Information

Browse MDC retirement-benefit documents and access the Missouri State Employee's Retirement System (MOSERS) website.

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2014 Benefits Offering Booklet

Browse this comprehensive booklet for details on all MDC employee and retiree benefit plans.

Express Scripts National Preferred Formulary

Browse the list of the most commonly prescribed drugs. MDC employees and retirees are encouraged to ask their doctors to prescribe generic drugs whenever appropriate.

HealthLink Standard Pre-Certification List

Browse this one-page list of medical services that require pre-certification.

HIPAA Release Form

Use this two-page form to indicate who may have access to your health information.

Life Insurance Plan Booklet for Retirees

Browse this 21-page booklet for costs of coverage, eligibility and enrollment, period of coverage, benefits, and general provisions for MDC retirees.

Life Insurance Premium Rates

Browse the two-page list of life-insurance premium rates for MDC employees and retirees.

Medical Insurance Premium Rate Structure

Browse the latest medical insurance premium rates for MDC employees and retirees.

MetLife Accelerated Benefits Option

Use this two-page brochure to learn more about MetLife's accelerated benefits option, which is a part of your life insurance coverage that allows you to receive a portion of your group life benefit before death.

MetLife Beneficiary Form

MetLife is MDC's new (as of 2014) provider for life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Use this form to update your beneficiaries, then send it to Human Resources.

MetLife Group Life Insurance Booklet

This 20-page booklet helps MDC employees and retirees choose the right amount of life-insurance coverage.

MetLife Special-Needs Planning

This two-page brochure helps MDC employees and retirees plan for dependents with special needs.

MetLife Travel Assistance

This two-page brochure detail's MetLife's travel-assistance service, which offers you and your dependents worldwide medical, travel, concierge, and legal and financial assistance services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

MetLife Will Preparation

Use this two-page brochure to learn about MetLife's will-preparation service, which is available to MDC members who participate in the Supplemental Life Insurance plan.

Office Visit Co-Pays

Browse the one-page list of office visit copayments for traditional MDC health-care plans for active employees and retirees.

Preferred Drug List Exclusions

As of January 1, 2014, the medications listed on this two-page document are not covered on the Express Scripts drug list. Consider asking your doctor to prescribe covered alternatives.

Preferred Formulary Changes FAQs

Browse this two-page list of frequently asked questions about Express Scripts' 2014 national preferred formulary changes.

Step Therapy Drug List

Browse this three-page Express Scripts list of recommended generic alternatives to brand-name drugs.

Tobacco-Free Form

Fill out and submit this attestation form to receive discounted monthly insurance premiums.