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Do you have ideas about how your conservation areas are managed? We’d like to hear them.

New plans posted monthly

As conservation area management plans become available, we will post them for a month-long comment period.

Plans are posted below and listed by region of the state. Please review a plan and leave comments by following the link in the plan.

regions mapWe will consider your input during the process of finalizing the plans.

Read the FAQs below to learn about our process for gathering public input on our conservation area management plans.

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Dent County Towersites includes Montauk Tower and Lenox Tower. The towers are maintained primarily for wildfire detection.

Fourche Creek Conservation Area includes 3,768 acres of forests and woodlands. The conservation area is managed to provide diverse wildlife habitats, contiguous cover of healthy forests and woodlands and protection of Fourche Creek watershed.

Clement Memorial Forest and Wildlife Area includes 520 acres of forests and woodlands. The area is managed to benefit wildlife, timber and woodland resources; and to provide compatible recreational opportunities.

Boesl Outdoor Education Area includes 8.5 acres that provide outdoor educational uses for area schools and organizations. It includes one fishless pond and a 0.3-mile chat hiking trail.

Birch Creek Conservation Area includes 5,646 acres of forests and woodlands and a portion of Birch Creek. Management efforts are focused on maintaining forest interior bird and bear habitat. The area provides public opportunities for bird watching, primitive camping, hiking, hunting and trapping.


The Lewis Family Memorial Conservation Area contains 362 acres of forests, fields and glades. It is managed for the forested natural communities and the species they support. Old fields on the area are managed to maximize recreational hunting opportunities.

Huckleberry Ridge Conservation Area includes 2,106 acres of forests and woodlands. The area is managed to provide healthy forest and woodland communities and compatible public recreational opportunities. Special emphasis is placed on management of wild turkey and upland game. The area provides hunting, trapping, hiking, nature viewing and outdoor education opportunities. There are 17.3 miles of multi-use trails and seven primitive campground sites available for public use.

Key Messages: 

Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.

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