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As conservation area management plans become available, we will post them for a month-long comment period.

Plans are posted below and listed by region of the state. Please review a plan and leave comments by following the link in the plan.

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Kansas City

This plan includes the Platte Falls Conservation Area (2,356 acres) and the Sharps Station Access (10.3 acres). The areas provide a river oriented multiple use area along the unchannelized portion of the Platte River. The areas are managed to protect and enhance the Platte River, bottom and upland forest and wetland complexes while providing public recreation compatible with these resources.

Jim Bridger Urban Conservation Area includes 320 acres that are managed for wildlife, grassland, woodland, glade and aquatic resources, with an emphasis on grassland and woodland species and compatible recreational and educational opportunities. The area contains two parking lots, a 0.5-mile hiking trail and two fishless ponds that are available for public use.

Benton County Forestry Areas includes the Edmonson Access (110 acres), Brickley Hollow Conservation Area (186 acres), Mount Hulda Towersite (38 acres) and Granny's Acres Conservation Area (351 acres). These areas are managed to protect and enhance the existing natural communities while providing public recreational and educational use that is compatible with those resources.


Elmslie Memorial Conservation Area includes 235 acres that are managed for healthy, sustainable, forest, woodland and aquatic communities; and compatible outdoor recreational opportunities. The area includes one parking lot, a 0.75-mile hiking trail and fishless pond that are available for public use.

Ruby Clark Willingham Memorial Wildlife Area consists of 70 acres in Monroe county.
Management on the area is focused on healthy mixed hardwood forest that will provide a variety of public use opportunities. The Department will manage for wildlife and forest resources with emphasis on forest species and compatibility with outdoor recreational opportunities. A first-order tributary to the Middle Fork of the Salt River flows 0.5 miles through Willingham Memorial WA.

This plan covers 13 public stream accesses greater than 40 acres in the Northeast Region. Accesses included in this plan are the Black Hawk Access, Callahan Mound Access, Cedar Bluff Access, Dodd Access, Dunn Ford Access, McPike Access, Mound View Access, Soulard Access, Sunnyside School Access, Sunrise Access, Tolona Access, White Oak Bend Access and Woodlawn Access.


Bohigian Conservation Area includes 437 acres of forest, grassland and wetland. The area provides fishing access to Mill Creek, a Blue Ribbon Trout Area.

Hyer Woods Conservation Area includes 30 acres that are managed for sustainable plant communities and to provide educational and recreational opportunities for the public. There is one parking lot and a grassy hiking trail (to the southernmost spring) that are available for public use.

Shawnee Mac Lakes Conservation Area consists of 256 acres in Dent county. It is part of the Dry Fork Fisheries Priority Watershed. The management focus is to sustain healthy forests, grasslands and aquatic communities, and outdoor recreational and educational opportunities near the city of Salem.


Bennett Spring Access includes 178 acres of primarily forested land. The access provides public fishing access to the Niangua River for boat and bank anglers. It includes one concrete ramp, two dirt ramps, three parking lots and two privies for public use.

Bear Creek Conservation Area includes 720 acres in four land parcels. The area is managed for healthy, sustainable, forest, woodland and aquatic communities. It provides hunting and fishing opportunities for the public and includes four parking lots, three hunting blinds and three wildlife watering holes.

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Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.

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