Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan

Our Mission

To protect and manage the fish, forest, and wildlife resources of the state; to facilitate and provide opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy, and learn about these resources.

Our Values

  • Excellent public service is essential—we work to deliver more than is expected.
  • All citizens are important—we respect their opinions and value their trust.
  • Missourians are partners to achieve conservation success—we communicate openly and look for ways to make it easier to partner.
  • Fairness, objectivity, sound science, integrity, accountability, and transparency guide our actions.
  • Employees are the Department's most important asset—we all work to advance conservation by being results driven, working as a team, serving as ambassadors for conservation, and living out the conservation ethic through our actions.

Our Vision

A future with healthy fish, forests, and wildlife where all people appreciate nature.

Our Conservation Priorities

The conservation mission and vision are achieved by: sustaining and improving fish, forest, and wildlife resources; connecting citizens to fish, forest, and wildlife resources; increasing citizen access to fish, forest, and wildlife resources; and enhancing operational excellence and superior customer service.

The following conservation priorities are the most important areas of emphasis for the next three years.

Cultivate a conservation ethic by promoting the relevance, importance, and value of fish, forests, and wildlife.

This means increasing understanding and interest in natural resources beginning at an early age; communicating the social and economic value and quality of life provided by fish, forests, and wildlife; increasing citizen participation in outdoor activities; and partnering with landowners, non-profits, businesses, agricultural groups, communities, schools, and others to develop increased support of fish, forest, and wildlife conservation efforts.

Help citizens connect with fish, forests, and wildlife where they live, through a statewide approach to community conservation.

This means providing citizens across the state with opportunities to learn about and experience the outdoors where they live; providing technical assistance to communities and partner organizations to help citizens protect fish, forests, and wildlife; and demonstrating and promoting conservation-friendly development practices in urban settings.

Implement a strategic approach to land acquisition to enhance habitat management and public access.

This means focusing land acquisition to both maximize fish, forest, and wildlife habitat conservation and increase citizen access to outdoor opportunities near where they live; and partnering with private landowners to implement voluntary access and easement programs.

Promote water quality and quantity for healthy fish, forest, and wildlife resources.

This means working with partners, including individuals, farmers, landowners, communities, non-profits, and other governmental agencies to promote best practices and policies that ensure sufficient aquatic habitat for fish, forests, and wildlife; communicating to citizens the relationship between water quality and quantity and healthy fish, forests, and wildlife; and setting an example for best practices in fish, forest, and wildlife management activities.

Focus fish, forest, and wildlife management in identified priority geographies.

This means implementing the Department's Comprehensive Conservation Strategy; coordinating with partners to identify the best opportunities to invest resources on a larger scale across the landscape that will sustain fish, forests, and wildlife; and targeting land acquisition in priority geographies.

Implement an equitable compensation system that balances fiscal responsibility with the ability to attract, retain, and develop staff.

This means investing in high performing staff to deliver fish, forest, and wildlife conservation to Missourians; enhancing the Department's ability to recruit staff that reflect the diversity of the citizens we serve; and providing incentives for staff to advance their skills and abilities in both leadership and supervisory assignments.

Key Messages: 

We work with you and for you to sustain healthy forests, fish and wildlife.

This brochure explains how we fulfill our mission.

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A two-page overview the Department's mission, vision, values, and goals for 2017-2019.

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