Become a Conservation Volunteer


Want to volunteer with the Conservation Department, but not quite up to conducting a rigorous hike or other program? Becoming a general volunteer may be just the thing for you. Conservation Department offices have many tasks that require volunteer help. The volunteer opportunities available include staffing the reception desk, chipping trails, providing habitat restoration and much more.

Volunteer Naturalist

Witnessing the wild-eyed excitement of a kid reeling in her first fish and feeling the satisfaction of teaching others to build butterfly gardens are just some of the fun you can experience as a Conservation Department volunteer naturalist. Volunteer naturalists help assure that each visitor to a conservation facility gets the most out of his or her visit. Our comprehensive training program enables volunteer naturalists to lead a wide variety of conservation activities. The program has limited openings and age requirements. The volunteer naturalist position also requires a higher level of commitment, but those who are up to the task will find it very rewarding. For more information contact the volunteer coordinator for the facility at which you would like to volunteer.

Shooting Range & Outdoor Education Center Volunteer

Shooting Range & Outdoor Education Centers provide a safe place for hunters to practice and become proficient with their equipment and to promote good ethical behavior on the range and in the field. Volunteer opportunities at ranges include assisting with range safety and range management, presenting educational programs that help to connect Missourians to their outdoor heritage, assisting with special events, and more. To become part of our shooting range volunteers, contact a range near you for more information.

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