Missouri Stream Team

The Stream Team program provides an opportunity for all interests to get involved in river conservation. Citizens attending the first Rivers and Streams Conference in 1988 set the following Stream Team goals:

  • Education - Learning all you can about Missouri's 110,000 miles of flowing water. Stream Team provides training and information to better understand our stream systems and the problems and opportunities they face
  • Stewardship - "Hands-on" projects such as litter control, streambank stabilization, streamside tree planting, water quality monitoring, and storm drain stenciling, are all possibilities.
  • Advocacy - Speaking on behalf of your adopted stream when development projects or harmful activities tamper with them. Those who have gained a firsthand knowledge of problems, solutions and needs are best equipped to speak out on behalf of Missouri's stream resources. You may want to write a letter, attend a meeting or find another way to get involved.

How Do I Join?

Stream Team membership is free to any interested citizen, family or organization. You may adopt any stream or river of your choice, but adoption is not mandatory. We can also suggest streams if you like, or hook you up with other Teams in your area.

To form a Team, complete the official membership form; once you sign up, you're set. You will decide what you can do to improve your stream. We'll help you with ideas, support and materials, but only you have the power over the future course of your Stream Team.

Key Messages: 

Missourians care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife.

Use this publication to learn how to work with private landowners as a Stream Team.

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This publication shows your Stream Team how to conduct a stream-litter pickup.

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This brochure shows your Stream Team how to stencil storm drains with this phrase: "No dumping! Drains to stream."

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Want to start or join a Stream Team? Download, complete and return this Official Stream Team membership form.

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