Dedicated hunter or budding nature lover? Enjoy your favorite outdoor pursuit at more than 1,000 conservation areas around the state.

There's a conservation area near you

Search "Conservation Areas" under "Regs and Areas" for a variety of areas, such as stream accesses, nature centers, shooting range and outdoor education centers, and fish hatcheries. Many of them are disabled accessible, and at least one of them is near you.

Places for wildlife and people

What's the difference between a conservation area and a park?

We get asked that question a lot. Like a park, a conservation area is a public land that people can enjoy. Unlike a park, a conservation area's key purpose is to provide wildlife habitat and give all Missourians a place to hunt, fish and experience nature. Some areas, such as shooting ranges and outdoor education centers, exist to help people learn and practice outdoor skills.

Although many of our conservation areas have staffed interpretive centers and maintained trails, some have nothing but unpaved parking lots. These "lightly" developed areas keep wild places wild, while giving people access to nature as well. You could say that a conservation area, like the Department itself, serves nature and people, too.

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