Comment on Deer Management

Because public opinion is important to the Department, we are gathering comments about our deer-management efforts.

Please use the Deer Management Comments link below to send us your thoughts on the following questions and topics.

Questions to Consider

  • What are your thoughts on the use of crossbows by all hunters during archery season?
  • Do you have ideas related to moving the November portion of the firearms season back one week?
  • Do you have comments on the elimination or reduction in the length of the antlerless portion of the firearm season?
  • Do you think implementing a one-buck limit for archery season or a one-buck annual limit regardless of method is a good or bad idea?
  • What are your thoughts on continuing/implementing the antler-point restriction in the county you hunt?

Browse background information about these and other issues under consideration on this page.

Key Messages: 
We work with you and for you to sustain healthy forests, fish and wildlife.
Conservation Area Management

Diverse hunting regulations on conservation areas have been established to fulfill the desires of hunters with different harvest and hunting methods interests.

Deer Management Plan

This plan outlines four primary goals that incorporate the current priorities for deer management in Missouri.

Deer Management Program Review

The history of deer managment in Missouri.

Hunter Recruitment and Retention

Many states are experiencing extreme declines in hunting participation, making it more difficult to instill the importance of natural resources and relevance of hunting. Missouri is not among those states. Here's the numbers.

Landowner Permits

Landowners play a major role in our deer management program and, as a result, have some privileges which have evolved over time. Periodically, conditions change which alters the original intent of privileges afforded to landowners and lessees requiring reconsideration of those privileges.

Regulation Changes Under Consideration

Our goal is to adjust regulations in a manner that produces the desired population change (i.e., increase, stabilize, or decrease) and meets the desires of hunters, and ensure recruitment and retention.

Urban Deer Management

Help us manage deer in urban areas.