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Bufflehead drakes show off their contrasting black and white plumage during thei

All Buffed Up and Ready For Spring

Although we may still have a few cold spells here and there, the warmer weather has been a welcome change and ushered folks outdoors...

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Hooded Merganser Band Returns

Thank You! Yes, You!

You may not think of it every day, but odds are if you come across this article you are a conservationist. And for that, I want to say...

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Map of New Flooded Basins

Sneak Peak at Greenbrier

Last fall concrete water control structures were being poured and tractors hauling dirt-pans created intermittent sloughs and gradual islands of higher ground in three fields at the Greenbrier Unit of Duck Creek.

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American Goldfinch’s Winter Plumage

Collateral Conservation

During the last several months of 2014 many managed wetland areas like Duck Creek in the North and Middle Zones in Missouri have been a hotbed of activity...

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Photo of male mallard in flight

Journeys of a Commoner

Mallards are abundant and have a wide distribution across the continent and are quite a common duck. Lucky for us, concentrations of these waterfowl primarily occur in the Mississippi Flyway both on the breeding and wintering grounds so they fly through Missouri on their way to and from twice a year.

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Duck foods under decoys

Whole Foods

I always enjoy seeing what is happening in the marsh. Whether it is while you’re picking up decoys or tromping back through the muck to the truck, you never know what you may see.

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Mallard Bill

To Dine As A Duck

Getting out into the duck marsh or the deer woods this time of year allows for extra time to sit and think...

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2014 Middle Zone Opener at Duck Creek

Here are a few quick updates for the Middle Zone opener at Duck Creek this weekend on November 1st.

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Greenbrier Unit’s, Field 1

Greenbrier Unit Update: Duck Creek Renovation

An update to what is being put on the ground at the Greenbrier Unit.

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Youth Duck Hunter

Youth Waterfowl Hunt At Duck Creek

Duck Creek will have 18 positions available plus 3 at Dark Cypress for the youth waterfowl hunt this weekend, October 25th and 26th.

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