Are Your Permits Expired?

Published on: Mar. 26, 2010

Completing PermitIf these warm spring days are making you think of going fishing, be sure to add “check permit” to your list of things to do in preparation. Feb. 28 was the expiration date for Missouri’s annual fishing and small-game hunting permits. If you plan to fish or small-game hunt this year, be sure to purchase permits valid for 2010.

This year’s permits have been available for sale since Dec. 1, 2009. Some people like to give them to friends or family as Christmas presents, so they become available before Christmas of the preceding year. Annual permits sold in December are effective at the time of purchase and thus grant the holder up to fifteen months of hunting and fishing privileges.

Catching FishPermit holders sometimes ask why they can’t purchase an annual permit at any time and have it valid for one year from the purchase date. We could do that but it would require that each individual keep track of their own personal permit expiration date. With a common renewal date, as we have now, it is easier for individuals to remember when to renew and easier for us to remind permit holders of the March 1 renewal date.

The next permit renewal date to remember is July 1 when the migratory bird permit and fall deer and turkey permits become available for hunting this coming fall and winter.

Here’s hoping that the fish are biting, the doves are flying and the deer and turkey permits get filled in 2010!

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Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.


On November 23rd, 2010 at 12:32pm smitht2 said:

Permits can be replaced by paying a $2 replacement fee to any Missouri permit vendor.

On November 21st, 2010 at 7:17am Anonymous said:

i lost my hunting license. how do i get a new one

On October 29th, 2010 at 11:12pm Tristan Miles said:

i lost my hunters license. How do i get a new one?
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