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Published on: Sep. 7, 2007

When I started working with the Missouri Department of Conservation 23 years ago, I was lugging around heavy Nagra reel-to-reel sound recorders and 16mm Arriflex cameras to make mobile movies. We loaned films to schools on big reels. It’s hard to believe how different things are today—how blissfully different even from what it was two years ago.

Now you don’t have to wait to see Missouri Outdoors on TV or buy a video or even DVD to see some interesting wildlife in action. Kipp Woods, MDC’s producer of Missouri Outdoors TV, told me that now we can just go to to see 30 full episodes of the show.

You can see all sorts of video clips of Missouri wildlife in action on youtube at The great thing is that these are available whenever you want them. And Kipp said they’d be adding a lot more in the months ahead.

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