How Many Different Calls Does a Bobwhite Quail Make?

Click the video tab on this page to find out. There will be a quiz later!


Great picture of the Bobwhite

Great picture of the Bobwhite Quail, i have never had such photo catch in my life.

Dear Anonymous, Precribed

Dear Anonymous, Precribed burns for quail can really occur anytime outside nesting season. Most people wait til fall, winter and early spring to burn. For federal programs such as CRP those regulations are enforced by USDA, not the Department. If the landowner is receiving funds from us, we will followup to ensure the practices are being maintained as recommended.

Thanks for the posting the

Thanks for the posting the video of the quail calls.

Does the Mo Dept of

Does the Mo Dept of Conversation make periodic visits to make sure that whoever is getting money for CRP, Quail programs, etc. are abiding by your regulations? A big landowner next to our land is creating a quail preserve and I'm wondering if he is really do all he is suppose to be doing. Maybe it's not time, but so far I have not seen any prescribed burns.