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Duck Hunting

Effective Wingshooting Workshops

Improve your shotgunning skills, deepen your commitment to conservation, and reduce hunting expenses. Sign up to attend a free workshop.

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MDC hosts Effective Wing Shooting Clinic in West Plains

Registration for the Aug. 30 clinic is required by Aug. 27.

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Effective Wingshooting

MDC offers effective wingshooting workshop in southeast Missouri

The course is free, but registration is required since space is limited.

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Nontoxic Shot Only Rule

Twenty-one Missouri conservation areas have a nontoxic-shot-only regulation for all hunting with a shotgun. Learn which areas carry this rule.

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The Way to Better Shotgun Skills

Part of being a good hunter means honing your skills so every shot you take counts. With the cost of ammunition rising, the incentive to do that just keeps growing too.

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