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Down In The Pawpaw Patch

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Wildlife, including opossum, raccoons, quail, turkeys, eastern kingbirds, catbirds, robins, veeries and red-eyed vireos, relish this fruit. To beat the animals to the fruit, some people pick it while it's still on the tree. Ripeness, however, can't be judged by the color. The only dependable sign is a slight softening of the fruit.

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Missouri's Banana - The Pawpaw

Did you know that Missouri has its very own banana? Well, alright it’s not really a banana, but it sure does taste like one.

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Image of a pawpaw tree


Asimina triloba
“Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch” is an old song you might be familiar with—but today, surprisingly few Missourians know a pawpaw tree when they see one. This is a good tree to know, especially when the large, sweet fruit are ripening!

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Pawpaw Cheesecake

Pawpaws? Try this unusual use of one of Missouri's hidden fall treasures.

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