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Image of a chain pickerel

Chain Pickerel

Esox niger
Elongated body, snout shaped like a duck’s bill, large mouth with many sharp teeth. Back and sides olive or yellowish brown with a chainlike pattern of dark lines.

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Pickerel Fishing

Form, Function, and Fishing

Last week the ice thawed out and temperatures rose briefly to tease us about the coming of spring. With that reminder, I thought I’d touch on another public use at Duck Creek that should be heating up.

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Color illustration of grass pickerel, a long, narrow fish

Grass Pickerel

Esox americanus
The most common and widely distributed pike in Missouri is also the smallest. Adults seldom exceed 10 or 12 inches in length.

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Color illustration of the northern pike, a long, narrow game fish

Northern Pike

Esox lucius
The largest pike native to Missouri, the northern pike can be more than 4 feet long and weigh more than 40 pounds. Missouri is on the southern edge of the range of this species. Because of its rarity here, it is of little importance as a game fish.

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Triggering Chain Reactions

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Chain pickerel lurk beneath the surface of a few southern Missouri streams and lakes.

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