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Common Plants and Animals

Learn about Missouri's common plants, animals, and mushrooms, and get tips on how to avoid outdoor pests, such as chiggers, ticks and poison ivy.

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Flora and Folklore

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With names that describe healing properties, point to common uses, or tell fanciful stories, Missouri wildflowers bloom with a rich heritage.

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Photo of frost flower, ribbonlike frozen sap at base of plant stem

Frost Flower

At least three Missouri plants form “frost flowers.” With the first hard freezes of a winter, water in the roots and stems is squeezed out of cracks in the stems and freezes, forming ribbonlike ice of amazing structures, the bands about two inches wide in elegant bows. Like frost, these formations quickly melt when the morning sun warms them.

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This annually updated booklet lists all the plants of conservation concern in the state of Missouri.

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Image of Ozark witch-hazel.

Ozark Witch-Hazel

Hamamelis vernalis
Ozark witch-hazel is a large native shrub that grows along dry, rocky streambeds in southern and east-central Missouri. The flowers are yellow, ribbonlike and bloom as early as January. In the fall, the seeds are ejected forcefully, to a distance of up to 30 feet!

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