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Disturbing Thoughts

With the buildup of ice and potential damage to trees as they begin to flex and potentially snap under the excessive weight, I had a couple “disturbing” thoughts.

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Photo of tree damage at Duck Creek CA

Duck Creek CA Tree Damage

During the last week of April 2011, strong winds damaged trees along our roads. However, damage to trees within the pools doesn’t appear to be extensive.

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Healthy Forests

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Although Indian Trail CA’s name recalls a tragic period in American history, the area itself is a legacy of Missouri’s early conservation efforts.

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MDC Storm-Damaged Salvage Timber Report

Local loggers and mill operators make lemonade from lemons, salvaging more than 12 million board feet of timber from 2009 tornadoes and wind storms.

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Nature's Clearcut

Trees across the Ozarks that stood tall weeks ago now lie scattered like so many matchsticks in the wake of straight-line winds and tornadoes.

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The roots of a toppled oak tree form a jagged vertical rosette.

Toppled Tree

Saturated soil and a gust of wind spelled disaster for this oak tree.

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