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'Tis the Season

'Tis the season to get together with family and friends … even those who we may not always see eye to eye with. In a similar vein, that is what the North American Conservation Wetlands Act is about.

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Graph that shows rainfall in Dexter, Mo. the fall of 2011

2011 Wrap-up and Units A and B Update

As waterfowl season comes to a close I hope you were able to make some pleasurable memories at Duck Creek this fall. Here is a little re-cap of this fall and what we expect to happen in the next year.

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Photo of dirt pan construction at Duck Creek CA.

August 2011 Progress Report: Units A and B Renovation

Conditions were extremely dry at the end of July when the dirt work began in Units A and B. It was great to get things moving forward. Over the last few weeks the isolated thunderstorms have knocked the dust back down and allowed for the soil to pick up some much needed moisture.

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Broad contour levees's gentle slopes reduce erosion and wildlife burrowing

Broad Contour Levee

In order to reduce erosion and wildlife burrowing, the new levees will have 10:1 slopes instead of 3:1 slopes. Because these new levees will be broader and shallower than existing levees, floodwaters will be less likely to cause erosion during major flood events.

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Photo of dirt pan construction at Duck Creek CA.

Dirt Pan Construction

Wetland topography generally doesn’t change more than 3 feet. However, the location of levees across that three feet of relief directly affects which areas can be flooded and by how much. With dirt pan construction, we are restoring the topography so we can better manage wetland habitat in Duck Creek Units A and B.

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Restored wetland topography

Distribution Slough

Restoring the topography and several sloughs will not only benefit the depth and distribution of flooded habitat, it will also help us move water to these locations. Instead of flooding the area around blinds 15 and 16 too deep to push it over to blinds 13 and 8, we will use one of the restored sloughs as a distribution channel to move water from one part of the area to another. This photo shows the broad levee and the shallow slough that will pull double duty as it provides aquatic habitat and distributes the water in the renovated Unit A.

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Applying fertilizer to a scour

Dry and Disked Scour

Not all of the scours on Duck Creek are wet or vegetated. We have applied fertilizer and incorporated it into the soil to help stimulate plant growth once the summer heat subsides.

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Photo of millet bales at Duck Creek CA

Duck Creek Millet Bales

By baling the wetland vegetation that has already grown this summer on Duck Creek, we will be able to save and use this straw as mulch once the dirt work is done in Unit A. This will help recuperate the soil quality in the disturbed areas by increasing the soil organic matter.

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Endangered Fish Management Sheets

Manage your Missouri streams, ponds and wetlands to protect these endangered fish.

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Fall 2011 Renovation Update

I realize folks will be checking in as we get closer to waterfowl season. I thought I'd try something new in attempt to bring everyone up to speed.

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