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Published on: May. 2, 1996

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William R. Logan Conservation Area

The William R. Logan Conservation Area in Lincoln County has about 1,797 acres. The area is two-thirds timber and one-third open land. There are seven fishing lakes and three primitive camping areas. Special regulations apply to hunting and fishing.

Good populations of quail, rabbit, squirrel, turkey and deer are present. Other public facilities include an unmanned rifle shooting range. Planned facilities include a shotgun range, nature and hiking trails.

These trails will provide opportunity for bird watching, outdoor photography and nature study. Rare or endangered plant and animal species such as heartleaf plantain, false mermaid and the northern harrier also may be found.

Cross Timbers Wildlife Area

The Cross Timbers Area is a 4,911-acre unit on Truman Reservoir located in Hickory County north of Hwy. 54 along the Pomme de Terre River. Cross Timbers Access provides easy access to the river for canoeing or tube floating.

Cross Timbers has scenic bluffs, glades, savannas and clear water. Deer and turkey are abundant. The small crop fields and long, looping meanders of the river are characteristic and are important to many endangered species like the bald eagle, osprey, sharp-shinned hawk, gray bat and numerous plants.

Chapel View Prairie Conservation Area

Chapel View Prairie is a 384-acre area located four miles southwest of Deepwater in Henry County. The area is dissected by a tributary of Marshall Creek and is primarily native prairie with woody species along the draws. Many native plants and animals are on the area, the most interesting being prairie chickens, upland sandpipers, prairie mole crickets, Indian paintbrush, gay feather, coneflowers and many other beautiful flowering plants.

There are several large Osage-orange trees with massive spreading tops on the southeast portion of the area. Two large ponds provide walk-in fishing, but no facilities are provided for area users.

Ted Shanks Conservation Area

Birding, hiking and waterfowl hunting are among the outdoor opportunities at the Ted Shanks Conservation Area in northeastern Pike County. This wetland, bordered by the Mississippi River and majestic river bluffs, lies between Louisiana and Hannibal, two miles east of Highway 79 on Route T.

The office visitor center is open weekends mid-February through mid-December. Stop by for a map and directions to natural areas, hiking trails, river accesses and camping facilities. Expect to see large numbers of waterfowl only in spring and fall. Wetland pools, while vitally important to wildlife, are not particularly scenic, especially when drained. Visitors may still

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