Buck Fever Again

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Published on: Nov. 2, 2000

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I’m 58 years old and, until about three years ago, I had never shot a bow. My son Don, however, ordered a new compound bow for me and tried to teach me the correct way to shoot.

Since 1987, Don and I have been partners in a store that sells archery equipment, but until recently, I knew nothing about archery except that it involved a bow and arrow. If customers came in when Don wasn’t in the store, they’d have to show me what they wanted.

I wasn’t an easy student. I laughed when I made mistakes, but Don didn’t think it was funny because he wanted me to shoot well.

My husband Bud saw how much fun I was having, however, so he decided to get into the sport himself. At first he had a hard time hitting the target, but eventually he got better. I think he’s one of those "natural born" archers.

Now Don, Bud and I all shoot in an archery league, and we’ve collected quite a few trophies. I’ve also discovered the fun of bowhunting.

The start of bow season in October is one of my favorite times. It’s a great season to just go into the woods and sit and listen. You see so many different types of animals you normally wouldn’t see, and you may also have hunting experiences you’ll remember all your life.

Once, when Don and I were hunting together, we both took stands on the ground. He was just over the ridge from me. A big female black bear came within 20 yards of where he was sitting and scared him half to death. The big sow’s cubs came over to where I was sitting, and I was really excited!

Later that day, I saw one of the biggest bucks I’d ever seen. I was wearing my deer scent, which I guessed he liked because he came straight toward me. When he was about 20 yards away, I must have moved or something because he stopped, snorted and ran away with three other deer that I hadn’t seen. It was a thrill just to get that close.

We hunt near Warsaw, an area well known for having lots of deer and turkey. The first year I bowhunted, I was sitting in my tree stand when a big eight-point buck came straight at me. I had set out some deer scent about 10 yards away, and he stuck his nose

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