2002 Wildlife Code Changes

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Published on: Feb. 2, 2002

Last revision: Nov. 10, 2010

The purpose of the annual review is to determine whether the existing regulations continue to fulfill the mission of conserving the state's forest, fish and wildlife resources without unnecessarily regimenting or inconveniencing the public. When specific needs are identified, rule changes are recommended to the Missouri Conservation Commission for approval.

Rule changes that appear in the 2002 Wildlife Code, which is now available, become effective March 1, 2002 and are highlighted in this summary. Hunters, anglers and trappers are responsible for understanding the regulations before venturing afield.


Reciprocal Fishing Privileges

Any person possessing a valid sport fishing license issued by the State of Tennessee, or who is legally exempted from those license requirements, without further permit or license, may fish in the Missouri portion of the Mississippi River and its backwaters adjacent to Tennessee.

Reciprocal privileges are contingent upon a grant of like privileges by Tennessee to persons licensed or exempted by Missouri.

These persons may also fish from or attach devices or equipment to land under the jurisdiction of Missouri. The same reciprocal fishing privileges will apply to Missouri-licensed anglers who wish to fish in the Tennessee portion of the Mississippi River adjacent to Missouri.

Tennessee and Missouri anglers must abide by the regulations of the state in which they are fishing, regardless of the state in which they are licensed. However, Missouri and Tennessee anglers must abide by the more restrictive of the two states' regulations when fishing in the other state's waters.

Unanchored Jug Lines Must Be Personally Attended at All Times on Public Lakes and Rivers

This regulation differentiates between anchored jug lines, which are attached to a fixed point, and unanchored jug lines, which float freely. Complying with this regulation will reduce the loss and waste of fish that drag unanchored lines away and eventually die on the hook.

"Personally attended" means that the angler whose name is labeled on the jug line:

  • is in visual sight of and close proximity to the jug line
  • can see the jug bob and move when a fish is hooked and can retrieve it
  • can see and talk to a conservation agent checking the line
  • can get the attention of or deter anyone who is tampering with the jug line.

Spotted (Kentucky) Bass on the Meramec, Big and Bourbeuse Rivers and Their Tributaries

There is no length limit for spotted (Kentucky) bass

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