Annual Report Fiscal Year 2008–2009

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Published on: Jan. 2, 2010

Last revision: Dec. 17, 2010

This summary of the Annual Report highlights the Missouri Department of Conservation’s accomplishments and expenditures from July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009. These accomplishments are based on the nine goals established in The Next Generation of Conservation.

Plants & Animals

Quail and grassland bird habitat

In FY09 we completed about 103,000 acres of quail and grassland bird habitat work on conservation areas throughout the state. On conservation areas designated as Quail Emphasis Areas, more than 19,000 acres of quail and grassland bird habitat was completed. In addition, we have established 34 private-land quail focus areas throughout the state in places where landowners are managing their property for quail.

Natural communities

At the end of FY09 there were 181 natural areas totaling 70,677 acres. These areas represent the best examples of healthy natural communities within the state.

Endangered species

Three species were removed from the state endangered-species list because they were no longer threatened with extinction: bald eagle, barn owl and Western fox snake.

Clean Water

Taum Sauk Dam research and monitoring

MDC evaluated aquatic habitat availability and monitored water quality in the East Fork Black River. This work was conducted in preparation for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s relicensing of the Taum Sauk Pumped Storage Project. The information will be used to understand and minimize the potential effects of Taum Sauk Project operation on the aquatic life of the East Fork Black River.

Stream Team celebrates 20 years

The Missouri Stream Team Program celebrated a 20th birthday and signed on its 4,000th team. Last year volunteers spent 137,488 hours working on their adopted streams.

Stream Stewardship Trust Fund

The Stream Stewardship Trust Fund is available to restore, enhance and/or protect stream systems and associated riparian habitats. The Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation administers the program and funds, and MDC applies for grants. In FY09, 15 projects costing $1.1 million were approved to protect 83.2 acres of stream channel and 615.8 acres of riparian corridor.

Community Conservation

Volunteer fire departments

MDC, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, provided $381,886 in grants to 178 volunteer fire departments. These grants help fund protective clothing, equipment and training. We also provided equipment to fire departments through two federal programs. With the Federal Excess Property Program, we obtained equipment valued at $316,695. The new Fire Fighter Program obtained equipment valued at $11,591,225.

Community Assistance

Through the Community Assistance Program and the closely related Corporate and Agency Partnership Program, MDC enters into agreements (usually 25-year) with cities, counties, state and federal agencies, businesses, foundations, schools

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