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I am ConservationFarmer Chuck Weldon stands in a turnip food plot he planted on his land for deer. “When you farm and you love to hunt, both seasons fall at the same time,” says Weldon, “so it becomes tough to do both. But I love both.” Weldon says he and his father have several food plots scattered around their farms in Daviess and Caldwell counties. Weldon calculates that close to 100 acres among their corn and soybeans are devoted strictly to wildlife food plots. “It’s tough sometimes to balance my land for wildlife and agriculture,” says Weldon, “but we feel by planting hidey-hole food plots and trying to keep our herd numbers in check, we both can coexist. If you love to hunt and you farm, you have to do what you can to protect both your interests.” Weldon says he enjoys the management side as much, or more than, the hunting side. “Growing and harvesting big bucks might not be for everybody, but by practicing good management, I protect my pocketbook and I protect the herd. And, maybe if I’m lucky, I add another trophy to my wall!” —Photo by David Stonner

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