You had fun hunting, catching or gathering your quarry—now have more fun cooking and eating it. Browse recipes for Missouri's wild game and edibles.

Crayfish Recipes

The "freshwater lobsters" of Missouri streams have as much flavor and nutrition as their sea-going cousins.

Fish Recipes

Missouri has a multitude of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams - all of them full of a rich assortment of delicious fresh-water fish.

Frog Recipes

Frog legs have a mild flavor similar to that of fish. They can be battered and fried or sautéed in butter with garlic or herbs. They also make a good base for Cajun dishes that call for fish or shellfish.

Fruit and Nut Recipes

Missouri has an abundance of seasonal fruits, berries and nuts - try them with these recipes.

Game Bird Recipes

Bag some Missouri game birds? Turn them into good eats for your next gathering.

Mushroom Recipes

Browse and test our collection of delicious Missouri wild mushroom recipes. As always, never eat a wild mushroom unless you're certain of its identity and it has been cooked.

Rabbit Recipes

Enjoy versatile, delicious wild rabbit with these recipes.

Squirrel Recipes

Learn how to clean and cook squirrels with these recipes.

Turkey Recipes

As you decide how to prepare the wild turkey, keep in mind whether your turkey is an older, tougher bird or a younger, more tender bird.

Venison Recipes

You can cook most venison cuts like beef. This section includes 20 popular venison recipes to help you cook your venison with confidence.

Waterfowl Recipes

Use these recipes to learn how to prepare Missouri's feathered bounty for your table.

Wild Edibles of Missouri

Jan Phillips' award-winning book was published in 1979 and is now out of print. We've preserved it here as a set of PDFs. Download all 21 to learn how to turn wild Missouri plants into biscuits, fritters, jellies, juices, pancakes, pies, salads, soups, wines and more. Color illustrations help you identify plants that are poisonous or have poisonous parts.

Wild Greens Recipes

Turn Missouri's wild edible greens — such as wild mustard, lamb's-quarters, wild lettuce, and dandelion greens — into table fare with these recipes.