Put Missouri's wild bounty to work in these delicious variations of traditional cakes, pies and other sweet after-dinner treats.

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4-Layer Persimmon Spice Cake

Learn how to make a persimmon spice cake with this recipe.

Blackberry-Pecan Squares

Try these rich, sweet dessert bars with whatever berries are in season.

Black Walnut Cake

A cake rich with black walnuts and brown sugar.

Creamy Blackberry Pie

Try this unusual version of Blackberry Pie.

Lemon-Blackberry Custard Cakes

Warm, creamy blackberry custards - try this recipe with other seasonal berries for delightful taste treats!

Missouri Forest Cake

Missouri's answer to Black Forest Cake.

Pawpaw Cheesecake

Pawpaws? Try this unusual use of one of Missouri's hidden fall treasures.

Wild Raspberry Gateau

A French cake, Missouri style!