Discover Nature Photo Contest Winners

  • Each month during 2014, Department staff will pick a winning photo and post it here, usually within the first couple weeks of the new month.
  • We’ll publish all eleven monthly winners in the January 2015 issue of the Missouri Conservationist.

August Winner

Using her car as a blind, Christina Laws took more than 1,000 photos to capture this dramatic shot of two male great egrets fighting for territory at Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge in Pike County. Christina loves it when her photos inspire people to explore Missouri's great outdoors.

July Winner


Crystal Shoults of Osage County photographed this mourning cloak butterfly in her backyard.

June Winner


Shirley Scrivner of Russellville photographed these two young barred owls, who she thinks may have been discussing dinner.

May Winner


Mary Knaebel snapped this red fox catching her scent on the air in Randolph County.

April Winner

Ten-month-old Simon helped mom, Rosalie Dear, scout out this 9-and-a-half-inch yellow morel in Warrensburg, Missouri, April 28th, 2014.

March Winner

Sharon Chambers caught this gray squirrel peeking out of a hollow tree in Parkville.

February Winner

Derek Eisenhart got a crisp shot of this white-throated sparrow at Forest 44 Conservation Area in St. Louis County.

January Winner

Rob Tweddle snapped this dramatic winter sunset at August A. Busch Conservation Area.

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