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Image of an american eel

American Eel

Anguilla rostrata
The American eel is considered an uncommon catch by Missouri sport anglers. This species is known to take natural baits and rarely takes artificial baits.

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Arkansas Darter Male

Arkansas Darter

Etheostoma cragini
This small, rare perch lives in shallow, spring branches and spring-fed creeks with sandy bottoms and mats of watercress.

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Image of a banded scuplin

Banded Sculpin

Cottus carolinae
This rather strange-looking freshwater fish belongs to a family and an order whose members are mostly marine — and indeed, the banded sculpin looks quite a bit like its cousins, which sometimes end up in saltwater aquariums.

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Image of a bighead carp

Bighead Carp

Hypophthalmichthys nobilis
This invasive Asian carp is not as frequent a jumper as its cousin, the silver carp, but it also leaps from the water when disturbed, threatening boaters' safety.

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Image of a bigmouth buffalo

Bigmouth Buffalo

Ictiobus cyprinellus
Missouri's largest sucker, the bigmouth buffalo is also known as "gourdhead" and "redmouth buffalo."

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Image of a black bullhead

Black Bullhead

Ameiurus melas
This catfish is also known as mud cat, black catfish, yellow belly bullhead and horned pout.

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Black Carp

Mylopharyngodon piceus
This large, invasive carp from Asia eats mussels and snails and can damage populations of native mollusks. It is illegal to transport live black carp across state lines.

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Illustration of a male black crappie in spawning coloration.

Black Crappie

Pomoxis nigromaculatus
The black crappie is a popular panfish. It is deep bodied and slab sided. The sides are silver with an irregular pattern of dark speckles. The upper jaw is long, reaching past the middle of the eye.

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Image of a blackspotted topminnow

Blackspotted Topminnow

Fundulus olivaceus
This sleek, swift little fish lives in the quiet, clear sections of rivers mostly south of the Missouri River. Topminnows have a habit of skimming along just beneath the surface of the water.

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Image of a blackstripe topminnow

Blackstripe Topminnow

Fundulus notatus
A slender, elongated shape makes for a sleek, swift fish. Topminnows have a habit of skimming along just beneath the surface of the water.

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