Many Missouri mushrooms are edible, but proper identification is essential to avoid illness and even death. Get hunting, identification and cooking guidance here.

Some wild mushrooms can sicken or kill you. Be certain the mushrooms you collect for the table are edible, and always cook them before eating.

Basic Mushrooming

Safe, successful Missouri mushroom hunting begins with good identification skills and a basic understanding of when, where, and how mushrooms grow.

Better Mushroom Photos

Taking good photos can help you work out a mushroom's identity later on. Browse tips for taking better mushroom photos in the field.

Edible Mushrooms

After you've learned to identify wild mushrooms, you're ready to start sampling some of the best eating Missouri's woods has to offer.

Poisonous Mushrooms

If you collect Missouri mushrooms to eat, you should become familiar with the three most dangerous groups: amanitas, the false morels and a catchall category called little brown mushrooms (LBMs).