Grand Gulf

The Narrows, Grand Gulf
The Narrows, Grand Gulf

Points of Interest:

  • A spectacular collapsed cavern that has been designated a National Natural Landmark.
  • View a large natural bridge, which spans 250 feet with a 75-feet high opening.

Natural Features Description:

Grand Gulf began forming 1-2 million years ago when a long, narrow cavern formed along a zone of faulted dolomite. The ceiling was 100 feet underground and the fault extended to the surface causing the eventual collapse of the cavern. A chasm ¾ mile long, 50-200 feet wide and up to 120 feet deep developed. Sometimes nick-named the “Little Grand Canyon” this natural area features a true geologic wonder. Water that flows through the Grand Gulf system enters an underground network and is released at Mammoth Spring to the south in Arkansas.

Access Information: 

This area is within Grand Gulf State Park. From Thayer, take Highway W six miles west to the area entrance. At the area parking lot look for the hiking trailhead that provides hiking trail access to the natural area.

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