Mint Spring Seep

Sensitive Fern
Sensitive Fern

Points of Interest:

  • See an unusual natural community, an acid seep.
  • Observe mosses and ferns.

Natural Features Description:

Water flowing through the Ordovician period Roubidoux formation sandstones comes seeping to the surface here. Most of the bedrock in this region is of the Pennsylvanian period but the Cuba, Missouri geologic fault lies four miles to the east. This north-south fault has a vertical displacement of 125 to 150 feet which has exposed the Ordovician rock.

Sycamore, river birch, alder and spicebush dominate the overstory. Tree moss is common as are a number of ferns, including royal, sensitive and lady ferns. The glacial relict, Forbes’ saxifrage, grows on some of the sandstone exposures.

Access Information: 

This natural area is within Mint Spring Conservation Area. From Owensville, travel south for about 9.5 miles on Highway EE to the parking lot on the right (west). From the parking lot, walk to the west to access the natural area. Note the seepage wetlands are quite fragile. Please walk only along the edge of the wetland. Hunting is permitted.

General Information
Designation Date: 
Missouri Department of Conservation – Central Regional Office
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