Pipestem Hollow


Points of Interest:

  • See a 1.5 mile long karst valley
  • Peer down from 50-80 foot tall dolomite bluffs into a narrow valley.

Natural Features Description:

This area includes a number of karst features, including caves, a losing stream, springs and a stream down cut through dolomite bedrock. A high density of small caves within such a small area is indicative of extensive karst formation, creating a “swiss cheese-like” network of underground passageways in this region. Along the losing stream extensive stands of Ozark witch hazel occur. Look for the blooms of this shrub in the early spring. On the terraces of the stream bed are spicebush, bladdernut, flowering dogwood, leatherwood and pawpaw. The dry, cherty ridges and side slopes of the area were impacted by a strong windstorm in 2009 that leveled most of the trees. Some of these trees were salvaged and the debris scattered to lower the risk of wildfires and to make future prescribed fires safe.

Access Information: 

This natural area is within Angeline Conservation Area. From the intersection of Highways 106 and 19 in Eminence, travel west on Highway 106 for about 9 miles. Turn right (north) onto a forest access road and proceed north for a third of a mile to the south corner of the natural area. Hunting is permitted on the natural area. A map and compass are recommended to explore this area.

General Information
Designation Date: 
Missouri Department of Conservation - Ozark Regional Office
Contact Phone: 

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