Yep, That’s Him

Is that the John Goodman talking about how Trees Work? You bet it is. It’s the John Goodman (a fellow Missourian from Affton by the way) talking to Missouri about how our trees and forests benefit our daily lives. He recorded three 15 second spots and three 30 second spots on how Trees Work 24/7, how trees work for kids, how without trees, hide and seek would just be seek... Want to hear the spots? They are playing on KTRS the Big 550 in St. Louis now through November including during their broadcast of MU football games. You can also listen to the whole collection right here!

Trees Work Radio Campaign

Trees Work. Try this. Draw a house. Now color trees in around it. What changed?

So begins our Trees Work radio ad campaign. Each ad highlights a different way trees work to shape your daily life. The ads highlight over 15 ways trees work for your family, your health, your wallet, the community, the environment and the economy. So, take a minute, or four and half to be precise, to listen now and find out over 15 surprising and quite possibly inspiring ways Trees Work for you!

Key Messages: 
Missourians care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife.