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Leslie Stephens and her family on the Cuivre River

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Leslie Stephens Winning Poster

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Well, Missouri. You’ve blown us away. We hoped for some participation in this spring’s Trees Work contest to finish the phrase “Without trees...”, but little did we know how many of you would enter and what absolutely outstanding slogans we’d receive! There were so many personal, touching, funny, clever and relevant slogans submitted! Way to go!

However, after judging a whopping 1326 entries, we’ve got a winner! A hearty congratulations goes to Leslie Stephens from Troy, MO. What was her entry, you ask? Without trees, we’d be up a creek without a paddle.

We’ll let that sink in a little. OK. Are you ready to go on?

We actually finished the judging a bit ago but wanted to wait to announce the winner until we could create a poster so that there was a visual to go along with the winning slogan. Our friends at Firecracker Press in St. Louis have done it again. They just finished designing and hand-crafting the poster to go with the new slogan, which makes the fourth poster in the Trees Work “Without trees...” series. Want to see? Drum role...Trees Work poster

Taa daaa!

We count four ways of looking at Leslie’s clever slogan. How many can you come up with?

Here are some clues:

  1. Trees Work in so many ways to help us, we’d be in dire straits without them.
  2. Missouri’s forested waterways, our creeks and streams and rivers, provide enjoyment in all four seasons for those who get out to float, fish, and admire them.
  3. Forests in Missouri clean our water-for free! In fact, removing just 10% of the trees in an area bumps up the cost to clean your drinking water by 20%. And, healthy woods contribute the most to keeping the water in our streams clean for fish and wildlife. Who wants a dirty Current River, or a mucky stream in a park, anyway?
  4. Look around you for all the things made from wood-a renewable, organic, locally grown resource. Why, even something mentioned in this poster is made of wood!

Thank you to all Missourians who participated in the Trees Work contest to finish the phrase “Without trees . . .” You wrote in a lot of slogans that really got us thinking. Indeed, you showed us how Trees Work! and, congratulations to Leslie for providing the winning slogan with so many relevant and clever ways of looking at how Trees Work!

Leslie’s name is included on this poster, she received 10 copies of the poster as well as a stack of new conservation books. And, as a bonus hammock manufacturer Eagle Nest Outfitters, after seeing the first poster in our series (Without trees, hammocks would just be blankets on the ground.) contacted us to see if they could provide prizes for the winner of this contest. So, Leslie is receiving a hammock as well. Thank you, Eagle Nest Outfitters! 

Lastly, you may want to check out information on all four Trees Work posters if you are interested in posting one in your area.

Key Messages: 

Missourians care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife.

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