Falcon Study for Grades 3–5

Our elementary-school collection of falcon-study games and activities challenges Missouri students to discover and understand the relationship between predator and prey.

Key Messages: 
We help people discover nature.
Bird Safety Silhouette for Grades 3–5

By placing bird-of-prey silhouettes on windowpanes, Missouri elementary school students can help prevent other birds from crashing into windows

Falcon Study Vocabulary for Grades 3–5

This short vocabulary list helps Missouri's elementary school students learn key words associated with falcon study.

Food Chain Game for Grades 3–5

This activity teaches Missouri's elementary students to understand the relationship between predators, such as falcons, and prey in a community.

Human Interactions Activity for Grades 3–5

This activity helps Missouri students identify ways humans interact with organisms and ecosystems and understand that these interactions can be both harmful and beneficial.

Missing Words Activity for Grades 3–5

This activity challenges Missouri's elementary school students to complete 16 sentences about birds of prey.