Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide

Conserving Missouri’s Aquatic Ecosystems Teacher Guide equips you to help middle school students meet many Show-Me Performance Standards using Missouri’s watersheds as examples of how water supports an ecosystem.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Intro

Browse lesson plans, table of contents, GLE continuum, Show-Me Performance Standards, science notebook guidelines, field trip planning, materials order form and pre- and post-test.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson One

Chock-full of classroom tools and covering 14 GLEs, Water is Life helps you teach students the concepts of the hydrosphere and the properties of water.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson Two

Including lots of teaching resources and covering eight GLEs, The Ultimate Recyclable equips you to outline the earth’s water cycle and teach how it drives Missouri’s weather and climate.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson Three

Including Missouri watershed maps, as well as many other resources and five GLEs, What’s Your Watershed Address? overviews Missouri’s major watersheds and shows how run-off from various sources affects a water body and aquatic life.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson Four

With lots of illustrations and enrichments, including 13 GLEs, Living in the Water helps you teach how Missouri fish have adapted to their aquatic environments.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson Five

Covering seven GLEs and including lots of teaching tools, From Sun to Sunfish equips you to show students how energy circulates through an aquatic community via the food chain and explain the roles of predator and prey within the community.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson Six

Packed with resources and enrichments and covering five GLEs, Missouri’s Aquatic Ecosystems prepares you to introduce students to the three types of aquatic ecosystems: rivers and streams, lakes and ponds, and wetlands—and how they interact with one another.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson Seven

Covering 10 GLEs, Rivers and Streams includes all the resources you need to help students understand the parts of a stream and flood plain, stream order and water quality indicators.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson Eight

Including lots of teaching tools and covering 10 GLEs, Lakes and Ponds prepares you to help students understand the different types of lakes and ponds and how oxygen supports an aquatic community.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson Nine

Covering 10 GLEs and including a toolbox with two videos, Swamps and Marshes equips you to teach students the characteristics of a wetland, its soil and plants and how wetlands filter water and control floods.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Lesson Ten

Fishing for Answers includes lots of teaching tools and covers 12 GLEs to help you teach students how to catch more Missouri fish successfully, legally and ethically.

Grades 6-8 Teacher Guide Enrichments

Extra Conserving Missouri’s Aquatic Ecosystems teaching tools include field study activities, sampling charts, task station rotation schedule, outdoor behavior management tips and unit summary. Covers eight GLEs.