Grades 9-12 Student Book

Richly illustrated, our Nature Unbound Student Book features hands-on activities that help high school students understand the impact of ecology on Missouri and the world.

PDFs of each chapter are listed below. Download and explore them, then contact your MDC education specialist to order copies for your class.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Table of Contents

Browse the eight chapter topics and resources in the Nature Unbound Student Book.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Chapter One

What is Ecology? introduces students to the study of ecology, how ecologists do their work, and why understanding ecology is important.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Chapter Two

Reproduction and Adaptation describes sexual and asexual reproduction, how traits pass through generations, how species adapt to their environments over time, and the process of natural selection.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Chapter Three

Population Checks and Balances explains how ecologists measure populations and how resources and limiting factors affect population density.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Chapter Four

Interactions Among Organisms illustrates how organisms compete for resources to survive, and explains the concept of ecosystem niches and how populations interact with other populations.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Chapter Five

Extinction: Causes and Consequences shows students how extinction occurs and explores the consequences. Describes the five great mass extinctions of the past and the current human-induced sixth.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Chapter Six

Exploring the Nature of Energy Flow describes how organisms use energy, how energy flows through an ecosystem and the structures of food chains and food webs.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Chapter Seven

The Cycling of Elements Through Ecosystems explains how all matter is composed of atoms, which combine to form molecules and how atoms move through ecosystems over long periods of time. Identifies the biosphere, atmosphere, geosphere and hydrosphere.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Chapter Eight

Diversity and the Disturbance of Biological Communities explains how ecologists measure biological communities using species richness. Defines what biodiversity means and how it is affected by latitude and habitat. Illustrates Missouri’s biodiversity hot spots.

Grades 9-12 Student Book Glossary and Index

Includes definitions of 165 terms introduced in Nature Unbound and metric conversion charts.