Grades 3-5 Student Book

Fully illustrated and activity packed, our Nature Unleashed Student Book helps elementary students understand ecosystem connections by exploring Missouri’s ponds, forests and prairies.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Intro

The Nature Unleashed Student Book table of contents lists the unit’s eight exciting chapter topics and resources.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Chapter One

It’s all Connected introduces students to the concepts of organism, population, and community and explains how living and non-living things combine to form an ecosystem.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Chapter Two

Using three Missouri ecosystems as examples, It’s What’s Inside that Counts illustrates how ecosystems develop through the interactions of living and non-living things.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Chapter Three

Having What it Takes—to Survive explains how specialized structures in plants and animals help them survive in specific ecosystems.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Chapter Four

Chain of Foods explains how the sun’s energy passes through plants (producers) and animals (consumers) and how the loss of one population affects the whole food chain.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Chapter Five

You Eat What?! identifies three types of consumers: herbivores, carnivores and omnivores as well as an ecosystem’s cleanup crew, the scavengers and decomposers.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Chapter Six

You Want Flies with That? introduces the concept of predator and prey in relationship to other organisms in an ecosystem.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Chapter Seven

It All Makes Sense shows how an ecosystem’s populations constantly rebalance in response to natural forces or manmade disturbances.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Chapter Eight

Humans Are Organisms,Too illustrates how humans interact with nature and the beneficial or harmful effects humans can have on living and non-living parts of the ecosystem.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Chapter Nine

More to Explore provides supplemental examples of the concepts of food chains, populations, specialized structures and human interactions through a closer look at four Missouri ecosystems: caves, wetlands, streams, and glades.

Grades 3-5 Student Book Glossary

Browse definitions of the terms introduced in the Nature Unleashed unit.