Fishing How-Tos

Browse fishing tips by species, learn to fish, and prepare your Missouri catch for cooking.

Bluegill Fishing

Want to catch more bluegill in Missouri? Browse this page for fishing tips.

Catfish Fishing

Browse a variety of methods for catfishing in Missouri lakes, rivers and streams.

Crappie Fishing

Catch more Missouri crappie. Browse this page for tips on when, where and how to catch them.

Muskie Fishing

Learn the equipment and methods necessary to catch Missouri's fierce, elusive muskie.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Catch and enjoy more Missouri smallmouth bass and rock bass. Browse this page for info on lures, casting, handling and approach options.

Trout Fishing

Want to catch more Missouri trout? Change your methods as the seasons and local conditions change. This page tells you how.

Walleye Fishing

Missouri walleye can usually be found in schools of a few to several fish. If you catch one, there are likely others nearby. Browse this page for walleye fishing tips.

Get Started Fishing

Browse info and tips on everything you need to get started catching and eating Missouri fish: permits, gear, techniques, places, fish-cleaning and recipes.

Rigging Your Pole

Learn to rig your pole and bait your line for the kind of Missouri fish you want to catch.


Browse tips for more accurate casting.

Fish Habits and Habitat

Knowing how fish bodies work, how fish behave, what they eat and the different habitats they use throughout the year can improve your Missouri angling success.

Fishing Ethics

Follow a few common-sense guidelines to make everyone's Missouri fishing experience safe, successful and enjoyable.

Fishing Gear

You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to go fishing in Missouri. In fact, a few basic items will equip you nicely for your first outings.

Fish Handling and Release Guidelines

Some Missouri regulations require the release of fish, especially blue catfish. Learn to catch, handle, and release fish unharmed. These guidelines show you how.

Fish Adaptations

Missouri fishes inhabit many different aquatic habitats—from riffles to oxbows. Some species have adapted to survive in many habitats, but few can survive in all of them.

Fish Sizes

Missouri's fishes come in all sizes, from the least darter at 1 1/2 inches to the gigantic lake sturgeon, which can reach a length of 8 feet.

Cleaning and Prepping Fish

Cleaning your Missouri catch is easy with the right tools and a little practice. This page shows you how.

Cooking Fish

Browse tips for cooking your fresh Missouri catch.