Turtle Regulations

Turtle Regulations

Valid Permits

  • Daily Fishing Permit
  • Fishing Permit
  • Small Game Hunting and Fishing Permit

Season & Limits


Common Snapping Turtles
Season Open All Year
Daily Limit: 5
Possession Limit: 10

Soft-shelled Turtles
Primary Season: Fri, 07/01/2016 - Sat, 12/31/2016
Daily Limit: 5
Possession Limit: 10

Additional Information

Legal Methods

Common snapping turtles and soft-shelled turtles may be taken by hand, handnet, bow, crossbow, trotline, throwline, limb line, bank line, jug line, snagging, snaring, grabbing or pole and line. Shooting turtles with firearms is prohibited.

Season Notice

There is NO open season on the rare alligator snapping turtle.

Detailed Regulations: 

Key Messages: 

Missourians care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife.

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