2013-2014 Managed Hunts

Missouri offers many managed deer hunts for archery, crossbow, muzzleloading and modern firearms from mid-September through January.

These hunts achieve Missouri's deer-management goals while providing you additional hunting opportunity. Hunters are selected by a weighted random-drawing system.

Note: Participants in all managed hunts except those limited to archery or crossbow methods must wear hunter orange and be hunter-education certified or exempt by age.

Points to remember

  • Visit the Managed Deer Hunt page for a summary of how many people applied for last year’s hunts and how many deer were taken.
  • If you cannot attend, another hunter cannot take your place. Only those hunters who applied and were drawn may attend.
  • Some hunts require hunters to attend a pre-hunt orientation. If you cannot attend the orientation, do not apply for these hunts.
  • If you have a medical exemption, you may use a crossbow in an archery hunt.
  • If you apply as one of a party on the application card or as an individual, your chances of being drawn for a managed deer hunt are the same as everyone else’s.
  • Individuals not drawn may not accompany a hunter who was successfully drawn.
  • ATVs are prohibited.
  • If you are not drawn for a managed hunt this year, you will earn one preference point that will increase your odds the next time you apply.


A single Managed Deer Hunting Permit allows each hunter to take the number of deer allowed at the hunt he or she is attending. Some hunts allow one deer, others two, and some three.

Note: Deer taken at a managed deer hunt do not count toward the regular season bag limit.

Valid permits

  • Resident or Nonresident Managed Deer Hunting Permit.
  • Note: Permits are available to successful applicants beginning Sept. 14 anywhere permits are sold.

When to apply

  • July 1–Aug. 15
  • Note: Next year, in 2014, the application timeframe will be July 1 to July 31. This change is being made to allow more time for hunters to be notified of their selection for early-season managed hunts.

Who can apply

Hunters must be 11 years or older by the date of the hunt. Youths may apply singly or with one other youth hunter for youth-only hunts, but not as a group. See pages 20 and 24 of the latest Fall Deer and Turkey Regulation booklet. If applying for any other hunt, hunters may apply individually or as a group of up to six hunters.

How many hunts can I apply for?

A hunter may apply for only one managed hunt a year. Hunters who apply for more than one will be disqualified from this year’s drawing and will not receive a preference point.

To apply as a party, complete the following steps

STEP 1: Designate one member of your group to go to the Apply for Managed Deer Hunts application listed under MDC Applications below. That person must have the following information:

  • The two-digit number for the preferred hunt
  • The nine-digit Conservation I.D. number of each hunter in the group. If you need an I.D. number, call 573-751-4115 during regular business hours to have one assigned.

Important: To ensure that your preference point earned last year is used, be sure to use the same Conservation I.D. number you used last year. For future reference, print your confirmation page and save it.

Note: A Social Security number is not the same as a Conservation ID number. Your Conservation ID number is located on your Conservation Heritage Card and on your permit.

STEP 2: Complete the following worksheet before going online so you will have all the information ready.

Managed Deer Hunt Application Work Sheet

Hunt No.: ___ ___ ___

Method: ______________________________________

Location: _____________________________________

Date: ______________________

Hunter Conservation I.D. Number(s) (nine-digit number on your hunting or fishing permit, or on the back of your Conservation Heritage Card below the bar code) Use the same number you used last year.:

1. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 4. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

2. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 5. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

3. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 6. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

STEP 3: Go to the Apply for Managed Deer Hunts application listed under MDC Applications below and enter your prepared information. If you have correctly entered all the required information, you will see or hear a message confirming your application.

STEP 4: Print your confirmation page or write down your confirmation number, and save it for future reference.

To find out if you’ve been selected

From Sept. 14 through Dec. 31, go to Managed Deer Hunt Results listed below. Enter your nine-digit Conservation ID number (the same I.D. number you used when you applied). You also must provide your same Conservation ID number when you buy your Managed Deer Hunting Permit.

All successful applicants will receive in the mail an area map and other information regarding the hunt. We must have your correct address so you will receive the information you need. If your address has changed, contact your local Department office during regular business hours. 

Successful applicants can purchase their permit beginning Sept. 14 wherever permits are sold.

Wheelchair-confined hunters

Any hunter permanently confined to a wheelchair is automatically allowed to participate in managed deer hunts at:

  • August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area
  • Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area
  • Caney Mountain Conservation Area
  • Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge (maximum of five wheelchair hunters)
  • Drury-Mincy Conservation Area
  • James A. Reed Wildlife Area
  • Mingo National Wildlife Refuge (maximum of five wheelchair hunters)
  • Peck Ranch Conservation Area

These hunts are part of the Managed Deer Hunt Program but are not limited to disabled hunters. Mail a written request by Aug. 15 indicating hunt preference along with a physician’s statement to the Jefferson City address, Attn: Managed Deer Hunts.

Each disabled hunter may be accompanied by an attendant/care-giver while hunting, but that person may not hunt unless he or she has applied and was successfully drawn for the same hunt. Wheelchair-confined hunters may participate in more than one Managed Deer Hunt, but must purchase a Managed Deer Hunting Permit for each hunt they attend.

Youth-only managed hunts

There are 13 youth-only managed deer hunts for ages 11 through 15. Application and notification processes for 12 of the 13 hunts are the same as for regular managed hunts except that youth hunters may only apply singly or with one other youth hunter. All successful applicants will be notified by mail. Youths who apply for a youth-only hunt may not also apply for a regular managed deer hunt.

Those drawn to participate must: 

  • Purchase a Resident or Nonresident Managed Deer Hunting Permit.
  • Be accompanied by an adult sponsor (age 18 or older) who is hunter-education certified or exempt, and has a filled or unfilled firearms deer hunting permit;
  • Attend a pre-hunt orientation with their adult sponsor at some locations; and
  • Obtain hunter-education certification before the managed hunt or pre-hunt orientation.

Note: Hunter-education certification is not required to apply for a managed hunt, but must be achieved before the hunt. Minimum age to enroll in a hunter-education course is 11. Adult sponsors born before Jan. 1, 1967, are exempt from the hunter-education requirement.

Key Messages: 
Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.
Elk or White-Tailed Deer?

This flyer helps those participating in Peck Ranch CA managed deer hunts tell the difference between elk and white-tailed deer.