Missouri's deer-hunting regulations are set the summer before the season. For details, see the Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet, which is available in PDF format under Related Information below. It is also available in print form from permit vendors and Conservation Department offices.

What’s New for 2015

  • The antler-point restriction has been lifted in 14 counties.
  • Hunters may now fill additional firearms antlerless permits.
  • The Columbia/Jefferson City Urban Zone has been eliminated.
  • Christian County is no longer in the Springfield Urban Zone.
  • Qualifying landowners in Franklin and Jefferson counties may now receive two no-cost firearms antlerless permits
  • New managed deer hunts have been added and other have been removed or modified.
  • Deer and/or turkey hunting regulations have changed for several conservation areas.
  • The free MO Hunting app now allows hunters to carry their hunting permits afield, notch permits after a deer or turkey is harvested, and Telecheck their harvest all from the touchscreen of their Apple or Android device.
Find out what's new with fall deer and turkey hunting regulations this year. Download the annually updated Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet.

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2015 Archery Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulations

Find dates, hours, permits, limits, and methods for Missouri's archery deer and turkey hunting.

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2015 General Deer Regulations

Browse definitions, requirements, methods prohibited, and many other topics related to Missouri's deer-hunting regulations.

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2015 Firearms Deer Hunting

Your one-stop shop for Missouri's firearm deer-season portions, limits, shooting hours, permits and methods.

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2015 Resident Landowner Permits

Browse qualifications for Missouri resident-landowner hunting permits for deer and turkey.

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Antler-Point Restrictions

In Missouri counties with antler restrictions, an antlered deer must have at least four points on one side to be taken.

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Deer Hunting Regulations on Conservation Areas

Six types of regulations limit doe harvest on Missouri's conservation areas. Carefully check an area's deer-hunting regulations before hunting there.

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Deer Permits

To hunt deer in Missouri, you must buy, carry, and use the proper permits. Browse the various kinds of deer-hunting permits and find out how and where to purchase them.

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bag it

Tagging Procedures

Using Missouri's deer- and turkey-hunting permits couldn't be easier. Just remember: Bag it. Notch it. Tag it if you leave it. Check it.

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