2013 Resident Landowner Permits

Resident and nonresident deer harvests

Some Missouri deer hunters have the mistaken notion that out-of-state deer hunters outnumber resident deer hunters. In reality, nonresident hunters are a small minority.

For example, last year 927,465 firearms deer hunting permits were issued. Of those, 899,020, or 97 percent, were purchased by Missouri residents.

What about deer harvest? Of the 236,973 deer taken during the firearms deer season, 225,404, or 95 percent, were taken by resident hunters. The same is true for the archery season; 93 percent of the deer taken last year were taken by Missouri residents.

We should remember that many nonresident hunters are former residents who return to Missouri to hunt with family and friends. We welcome all responsible and ethical hunters.

Qualifications for landowner permits

  • Any Missouri resident who owns at least 5 continuous acres, and his or her immediate household members age 6 or older
  • Any Missouri resident who leases and lives on at least 5 continuous acres owned by others, and his or her immediate household members age 6 or older. Note: Participation in a hunting lease alone does not qualify an individual for landowner permits.
  • Any Missouri resident who is a general partner of a partnership, an officer of a resident or foreign corporation, an officer or managing member of a resident limited liability company, or an officer of a benevolent association organized pursuant to Chapter 352 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri when the before mentioned organization owns at least 5 continuous acres. In the case of corporate ownerships, all registered officers of a corporation can qualify, and they are not required to reside on the land. People who own stock in a corporation (shareholders) do not qualify.

Note: Immediate household member is anyone, related or unrelated, whose legal residence is the same as the qualifying landowner or lessee for at least the last 30 days. Family members whose legal residence is elsewhere do not qualify.

All deer and turkey hunters, including landowners and lessees, must have valid deer and/or turkey hunting permits. Resident landowners and lessees who meet the requirements listed to the right may obtain no-cost resident landowner permits from July 1 through Jan. 15 using any of the methods below. Note: Landowners may be required to submit verification upon request if landownership cannot be verified through county plat books.

  • Over the counter from any permit vendor. Go early to avoid long lines. No surcharges will be assessed.
  • By telephone at 800-392-4115. Use your credit card to pay the $2 surcharge. Allow 10 days for delivery.
  • Online using the e-Permits System at mdc.mo.gov/epermits. Use your credit card to pay the $1 surcharge. Print your permit at home and have it in hand immediately.

Please have on hand the following information:

  • your Conservation I.D. number, Heritage Card number, Social Security number or driver’s license number;
  • the county or counties where your land is located;
  • the number of acres you own or lease and reside on.

Note: All landowner permits are valid only on qualifying property. Hunters must be at least 6 years old to obtain landowner permits. Hunter-education certification is not required to obtain landowner permits.

Qualifying resident landowners and lessees who have at least 5 acres, and all members of their immediate household age 6 or older, may each receive:

  • 1 Landowner Fall Firearms Turkey Hunting Permit
  • 1 Landowner Firearms Any-Deer Hunting Permit
  • 1 Landowner Archer’s Hunting Permit
  • 2 Landowner Archery Antlerless Deer Hunting Permits, depending on county availability.

Qualifying resident landowners and lessees who have 75 or more acres located in a single county or at least 75 continuous acres bisected by a county boundary, and all members of their immediate household age 6 or older, may each receive:

  • All of the landowner permits listed above and
  • Up to 2 Resident Landowner Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permits, depending on county availability.

Qualifying resident landowners and lessees:

  • Must abide by season dates, methods, limits and tagging/checking requirements. Refer to the appropriate hunting season section for details.
  • Must use landowner permits only on their qualifying property. To hunt on other land, landowners and lessees must purchase regular permits.
  • May use their landowner permits to take deer on their land during all portions of the firearms season including the urban counties and antlerless portions (if their property is located in one of the open counties).
  • With 75 or more acres in more than one county may not harvest more deer on landowner antlerless permits than can be taken by regular permittees in the county where hunting except in certain counties.
  • May fill a Landowner Any-Deer Permit and a purchased any-deer permit. However, each hunter may only take one antlered deer during the firearms deer hunting season. Therefore, landowners and lessees who take a buck on one Any-Deer Permit must take an antlerless deer on the other Any-Deer Permit. Note: Deer taken on a Managed Deer Hunting Permit or in accordance with the archery deer hunting season do not count toward this one-antlered-deer limit.
  • May fill their no-cost Landowner Antlerless Permits and also purchase and fill any number of additional antlerless permits where valid. Note: Resident landowners and lessees may also purchase and use permits in addition to the no-cost permits. However, only one antlered deer may be taken during the firearms season and a maximum of two antlered deer may be taken during the archery season.

Where to get your resident landowner permits

All no-cost deer and hunting permits are available from permit vendors from July 1 through Jan. 15. This includes permits for resident landowners or lessees with multiple properties in different counties who want permits valid on their land in all of those counties.

  • To get no-cost permits, you will need to know the county or counties in which your property is located and the number of acres.
  • To avoid long lines, pick up your permits early. Landowner permits also are available from the Department’s Jefferson City office.
  • For a $1 convenience fee, use our e-Permits system to print your permits at home (and save time and travel). See the Buy Permits button to the right.

Attention landowners who are not hunter-education certified

Qualifying landowners and lessees hunting on their own land do not need to be hunter-education certified; however, when mentoring a firearms hunter who is not hunter-education certified and not hunting on a landowner permit, all mentors, including landowners and lessees hunting on their own land, must be at least 18 years old and hunter-education certified unless they were born before Jan. 1, 1967. If you need to become certified, check out the online course or call a Department office near you to sign up for a course.

Key Messages: 
Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.