Tagging Procedures

Step 1: Bag It

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Step 2: Notch It

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Step 4: Check It

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Using Missouri's deer- and turkey-hunting permits couldn't be easier. Just remember: Bag it. Notch it. Tag it if you leave it. Check it. The brief slide show to the right shows you how.

Things to remember before tagging and checking

  • Use the correct permit. Because many hunters carry multiple permits while deer and turkey hunting, check your permit carefully to make sure you’re using the right one before notching it and attaching it to your game.
  • New! You can notch your permit using the MO Hunting app. Simply select your permit and follow the prompts on your mobile device.
  • If you're using the MO Hunting app, you must attach a label with your full name, address, permit number and date of harvest to the deer or turkey's leg.
  • Notching voids the permit. Do not notch the month and day on your permit until you harvest a deer or turkey.
  • Until checked, heads of deer must remain attached, and turkeys must have their heads and plumage intact.
  • Deer and turkeys must be checked by 10 p.m. on the day they were harvested.
  • All deer and turkeys must be checked before they can be removed from Missouri.
  • Only the person who harvested the deer or turkey may possess and transport the game before it has been checked.
  • After checking, deer and turkeys may be possessed and transported by anyone, but they must be labeled with the taker’s permit or full name, address, and Telecheck confirmation number. Deer must also be labeled with the date taken.
  • Avoid duplicate Telecheck records. If you are given an eight-digit Telecheck confirmation number, your checking information has been successfully received and recorded. Write the confirmation number on the permit, and the checking process is complete. Do not call again to check the same deer or turkey.

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Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.

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