Browse this section for turkey-hunting information, including choosing a place to hunt, turkey-hunting equipment, ethics and safety and more.

  • Spring turkey-hunting information is available on our website in mid-January and at permit vendors in March.
  • Fall turkey-hunting information is available on our website in July and at permit vendors in August.

High Hunter Success Rates

The 2011 hatch was the best Missouri had seen in 10 years, and it should result in an abundance of jakes in 2012. However, the poor hatches of 2007-2010 will continue to make finding mature gobblers a bit more challenging than in past years. Despite the poor hatches that have plagued the state’s turkey population for four of the last five years, Missouri’s turkey harvest and hunter success rates continue to be among the highest in the nation.



Fall Turkey Hunting

Your one-stop shop for Missouri fall turkey-hunting info, including seasons, regulations, methods and tagging info.

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Spring Turkey Hunting

Missouri offers some of the best turkey hunting in the nation. Get this spring's outlook, season dates, regulations, permit info, and tips for safe, successful turking hunting.

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Turkey Hunter Ethics and Safety

Hunting results in fewer injuries per 100,000 participants than do many other sports, including cycling, bowling, golf and tennis. However, as with any activity, you must always use good judgment and take responsibility for your actions.

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Download this 16-page publication to learn more about the wild turkey in Missouri, including history, biology, habitat management, hunting techniques and recipes.

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Scouting for Wild Turkeys

An important component of successful turkey hunting is being familiar with the area you choose to hunt.

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Turkey Hunting Equipment

Proper equipment can make the difference between an enjoyable or miserable hunt. Develop a checklist, and be prepared for the unexpected.

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Turkey Management FAQs

Missouri has had 51 years of modern turkey hunting. While turkey numbers peaked in the 1980s and have since fallen to more sustainable levels, Missouri continues to be one of the best states in the nation for turkey hunting. Browse frequently asked questions about Missouri's wild turkey management.

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Turkey Regulations

Browse Missouri's spring and fall turkey-hunting regulations, including how how to use Telecheck, tagging procedures, and the current summaries booklets.

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