Managed Waterfowl Hunts

Managed hunts keep the resource healthy and optimize the waterfowl hunting experience.

Three ways to participate

  1. Waterfowl Reservations online (must be a Missouri resident with a conservation number). See Waterfowl Reservations below.
  2. Quick Draw online (must be a Missouri resident with a conservation number). See Quick Draw below.
  3. Nonresidents can draw from an area's Poor Line the morning of the hunt. See Waterfowl Drawing Procedures below.

Both residents and nonresidents can hunt with a reservation or Quick Draw holder, and hunting parties are limited to four people.

Browse this section for Managed Waterfowl Hunt Areas, Waterfowl Area Draw Times, Waterfowl Drawing Procedures, Waterfowl Reservations, and Quick Draw.

map of waterfowl hunting zones and managed-waterfowl hunting areas

Managed Waterfowl Hunt Areas

See where the Department's 15 prime public waterfowl hunting areas are located, and learn which offer blinds, walk-in hunting, disabled accessibility, ramps, camping, stamps, and permits.

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Quick Draw

Learn Quick Draw requirements and procedures, and apply for guaranteed line positions at Grand Pass, Eagle Bluffs, and Otter Slough. Browse results, draw dates, and success rates.

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Waterfowl Area Draw Times

Browse yearly updated draw times for B. K. Leach, Bob Brown, Columbia Bottom, Duck Creek, Fountain Grove, Four Rivers, Marais Temps Clair, Montrose, Nodaway Valley, Schell-Osage, Ted Shanks, and Ten Mile Pond.

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Waterfowl Drawing Procedures

Browse three ways to draw for managed waterfowl hunts at Missouri's 15 managed waterfowl areas, including Every Member Draws, One Member Draws, and Quick Draw.

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Waterfowl Reservations

Learn Missouri's Waterfowl Reservation requirements and procedures, apply for regular and disabled-accessible reservations, and browse waterfowl reservation results and success rates.

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