Disabled-Accessible Waterfowl Reservation

  • Reservations for disabled-accessible waterfowl-hunting blinds begin the first working day on or after Oct. 1 at 8 a.m., except Quick Draw Area blinds (Eagle Bluffs, Grand Pass, and Otter Slough), which will be allocated through the Quick Draw Application (listed under MDC Applications below).
  • Whether you call one of the areas listed below to reserve a disabled-accessible blind or use the Quick Draw Application, you or your designee will have to prove eligibility with ONE of these methods: EITHER a valid, state-issued hang-tag/placard from the Department of Revenue (DOR) for an ADA-eligible driver/occupant, OR a Hunting Method Exemption (Part One Stationary Vehicle).
  • You or your designee must present EITHER the hang-tag/placard OR Hunting Method Exemption at the time of check-in.
  • Please reserve your blind by calling the area or regional office listed below at least three days before the date you want to hunt.

Where to get proof-of-disability forms

Hunting method exemption

  • Visit the Hunting Method Exemption Statement page listed under Related Information below.

Missouri Department of Revenue forms

  • Visit the DOR pages listed under External Links below.

Hunting parties, repeat reservations, and participating in the daily draw

  • Hunters may take up to three people with them during the hunt. Blinds will accommodate four people.
  • You may only hold one reservation for any area at any point in time. After using your reservation, you may make another reservation.
  • If you have reserved a disabled-accessible blind, you are not required to be present at the designated draw time. However, at least one member of your party is required to attend the draw and present permits for all party members, or the blind may be offered to another eligible party at the draw. A Daily Hunting Permit (green card) will be issued for all party members at the morning draw. These green cards must be returned at the end of the hunt. Party members registered to hunt a disabled-accessible blind are not eligible to participate in the daily draw procedure unless they first forfeit their disabled-accessible blind reservation.

Youth use of disabled-accessible blinds

Hunters with disabilities receive first preference for disabled-accessible blinds. However, if a blind has not been reserved in advance and is not claimed at the draw by a person with a disability (or a member of their party), the blind may be offered to any youth present. If more than one youth is present at the draw, all youths must participate in the draw, and low number has first choice of the blind. There will be no advance period for youth hunters under 16 years of age to reserve a disabled-accessible blind. Youth wishing to hunt from an unclaimed disabled-accessible blind must attend the morning draw.

Blinds in refuge

Disabled-accessible blinds in a designated waterfowl refuge can only be reserved in advance or claimed at the morning draw by a person with a disability or member of their party. Disabled-accessible blinds in a designated waterfowl refuge will not be offered to youth hunters at the morning draw.

Blinds not in refuge

Disabled-accessible blinds not in a designated refuge may, at the discretion of area staff, be placed in the daily draw if not reserved by a person with a disability.

Call to reserve a blind on one of the following areas

  • B.K. Leach Conservation Area 636-441-4554
  • Bob Brown Conservation Area 816-271-3100
  • Columbia Bottom Conservation Area 314-877-6014
  • Duck Creek Conservation Area (Due to construction, the ADA blind at Duck Creek will be unavailable)
  • Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area: Apply via the Quick Draw Application listed below. For other questions call 573-445-3882.
  • Fountain Grove Conservation Area 660-646-6122
  • Four Rivers Conservation Area 417-395-2341
  • Grand Pass Conservation Area: Apply via the Quick Draw Application listed below. For other questions call 660-646-6122.
  • Marais Temps Clair Conservation Area 314-877-6014
  • Montrose Conservation Area 660-693-4666
  • Nodaway Valley Conservation Area 816-271-3100
  • Otter Slough Conservation Area prior to duck season: Apply via the Quick Draw Application listed below. For other questions pre-season call 573-290-5730, or in season call 573-624-5821.
  • Schell-Osage Conservation Area 417-432-3414
  • Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge 660-856-3323
  • Ted Shanks Conservation Area 573-248-2530

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