Teal Season Wetland Area Status

2014 Teal season - Status of Missouri wetland areas (August 29, 2014)
Conservation Area Drawing Repairs and Construction  Habitat/Food Status Teal Season*
 Moist-Soil Acres Flooded/ Wetland Status No. Parties
Nodaway Valley No None Good 180 in hunting pools, 60 in teal refuge No Limit
Bob Brown No None    Good 150-200 ac No Limit
Fountain Grove No None Good  150-200 No Limit
Grand Pass* No None Good 75-150 No Limit
Eagle Bluffs No None Excellent ~200 No Limit
Ted Shanks* No Extensive levee repairs required after extended flooded this past summer unknown ~350 No limit
B.K. Leach No None Good ~75 No limit
Marais Temp Clair 5:30am weekend mornings None Good 100-150 6-9
Columbia Bottom No None Good 50-75 No limit
Schell-Osage No None Excellent Schell and Barber Lakes only due to low lake levels. No limit
Montrose No None Fair Lake area No limit
Settles Ford No None Good 450 No limit
Four Rivers No Unit 4- pool 15 floodway repair Good Unit 1 - dry
Unit 2 - 150
Unit 3 - dry
Unit 4 – 60
No Limit
Duck Creek No None Good Pool 1 and ~80 ac in Unit A No limit
Otter Slough Yes Potential repairs to 3 hunting units Good 500 15-17
Coon Island No Minor Repairs Good 20 No Limit
Ten-Mile Pond No Construction work in C pool Good/Excellent ~150 Mostly borrow pits and old sloughs No Limit
Little River No None Excellent 3 pools, 35 acres 1 party/pool Hunting allowed Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

* Updated on July 30, 2014  

Key Messages: 

Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.

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