Published on: May. 10, 2011

  • Someone illegally killed three deer in Warrensburg on December 10, 2010. Help us find these poachers.
  • Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center will cancel public programs if the Blue Springs School District is closed due to inclement weather.
  • Private boats and outboard motors as well as bait held or transported in containers with water are prohibited on Blind Pony Lake.
  • Other nearby lakes available for fishing include: Malta Bend Community Lake, Marshall Habilitation Center Lake, Maple Leaf Lake Conservation Area near Higginsville, Edwin A. Pape Lake near Concordia, and Lake Wooldridge at Van Meter State Park.
  • Blind Pony Hatchery is one of six locations in the nation that is hatching the federally endangered pallid sturgeon and the Department of Conservation is taking advantage of federal funds to replace hatchery water supply lines, construct an additional building, and drain and deepen the lake. Blind Pony’s capability to raise other fish for statewide stocking will also be enhanced.


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