Special Fishing and Hunting Permits

Find permit applications for lifetime permits, special military permits, group permits, and method exemptions.

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Missourians care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife.
Age Affidavit

Age affidavit for Missouri residents age 65 or older to allow free fishing and small game hunting.

Fishing Permit Exemption

Downloadable permit application so that Missouri residents with qualifying medical conditions may fish without permit while carrying a certified statement of eligibility.

Group Fishing Permit Application

Application for group fishing.

Hunting Method Exemption Statement

Physician's statement of eligibility that provides some exemptions for hunters and certifies eligibility to use a disabled-accessible hunting blind.

Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Permit Order Form

Downloadable Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Permit order form.

MDC Honor Permits for Veterans of the Global War on Terror

If you bought a Missouri hunting or fishing permit, and then couldn't use it for the full valid season because you were called to military duty out of state, this benefit qualifies you for a free reinstatement of this permit privilege upon your return.