Rockwoods Reservation

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Area Information

  • Enjoy our trails, demonstration areas, and conservation education center in western St. Louis County.


  • The area’s education center is typically open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed Saturday and Sunday).
  • The area itself is open every day from sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset, unless posted otherwise.
  • Call the area if you're uncertain whether the area is open. Find the phone number under Address Information to the right of this page.


  • See View Map under Address Information to the right of this page.

Fun to see, do, and learn

Facility and exhibits

  • Education center with exhibits and information about Missouri’s forests, fish, and wildlife, and history of Rockwoods
  • Pavilion and picnic tables
  • Wildlife-viewing blind

Programs and events

  • Programs are available by advance registration for school field trips and other organized groups. Call the area to schedule a group program. Find the phone number in Address Information to the right of this page.
  • For programs open to the public, check Events to the right of this page.


  • More than 12 miles of hiking trails, including a .10-mile disabled-accessible wildlife-habitat trail


Rockwoods Reservation Events
Snakes & Lizards, Awesome or What? (Reserve by April 18)Sat, 04/19
A Walk in the Woods (Reserve by May 9)Sat, 05/10
Destination Hike - Pickle Springs Natural Area (Reserve by May 9)Sat, 05/10
Signs of Spring Night Hike (Reserve by May 12)Mon, 05/12
Destination Hike - Valley View Glades Natural Area (Reserve by May 30)Sat, 05/31

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